Critical and biographical information on Henry Reed, World War II British poet, critic, translator, and radio dramatist — author of "Naming of Parts"
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Bibiliography of Henry Reed's work in periodicals (sorted by Title, Date).

1. Reed, Henry. Radio Times (14 March 1952): 11.
Description: Introduction to The Streets of Pompeii.

Subjects: Play
References: The Streets of Pompeii

2. Reed, Henry, "'Tatty': The Year's New Word," Birmingham Post, 13 October 1937.
Description: Discusses the history and usage of the word 'tatty'.

Newspaper: 'Tatty': The Year's New Word 
Subjects: Review

3. Reed, Henry. "Ageing Passions." Review of The Complete Poems of Michelangelo, translated by Joseph Tusiana. Sunday Telegraph (London), 11 June 1961, 7.
Description: Reed feels that Professor Tusiani's translations have "merely produced page after page of lifeless verse, often unscannable, and stuffed with many images and fantasies of his own."

Newspaper: Ageing Passions 
Subjects: Review
References: The Complete Poems of Michelangelo, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Joseph Tusiani

4. Reed, Henry. "Antigone." Penguin New Writing 30 (1947): 97-99.

Journal: Antigone 
Subjects: Poem
References: Antigone

5. Reed, Henry. "Ars Poetica." Botteghe Oscure 2 (1948): 262-264.
Description: This poem, a long meditation on regret, appears in Reed's Collected Poems as "De Arte Poetica."

Journal: Ars Poetica 
Subjects: Poem, Translation
References: De Arte Poetica

6. Reed, Henry. "The Auction Sale." Encounter 11, no. 4 (October 1958): 49-55.
Description: Restrained drama unfurls in this long, 300-line, Hardyesque poem about a country auction and the battle for a special painting. Originally published in Stephen Spender's Encounter, October 1958.

Journal: The Auction Sale 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Auction Sale

7. Reed, Henry. "The Auction Sale." Lot One (July 1983).

Journal: The Auction Sale 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Auction Sale

8. Reed, Henry. "The Blissful Land." Listener 91, no. 2351 (18 April 1974): 496.

Journal: The Blissful Land 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Blissful Land

9. Reed, Henry. "Bocca di Magra." Listener 93, no. 2403 (24 April 1975): 546.

Journal: Bocca di Magra 
Subjects: Poem
References: Bocca di Magra

10. Reed, Henry. "Books in General." Review of The Scarlet Tree, by Osbert Sitwell. New Statesman and Nation 32, no. 810 (31 August 1946): 155.
Description: Reed's review of Osbert Sitwell's The Scarlet Tree (Macmillan, 1946).

Journal: Books in General 
Subjects: Review
References: Osbert Sitwell, The Scarlet Tree

11. Reed, Henry. "Books in General." Review of Billy Budd, by Herman Melville. New Statesman and Nation 33, no. 847 (31 May 1947): 397.
Description: Reed reviews a new edition of Melville's Billy Budd with an introduction by William Plomer (London: Lehmann, 1947).

Journal: Books in General 
Subjects: Review
References: Herman Melville, Billy Budd, William Plomer

12. Reed, Henry. "Born for Death." Review of Curious Relations, by William d'Arfey. Listener 34, no. 882 (6 December 1945): 672.
Description: Reed reviews d'Arfey's 'family history by a non-professional writer.'

Journal: Born for Death 
Subjects: Review
References: William d'Arfey, Curious Relations, William Plomer

13. Reed, Henry. "Cabaco's Song." Music & Letters 34, no. 4 (October 1953): 314.
Description: Originally part of Reed's Moby Dick: A Play for Radio from Herman Melville's Novel (Jonathan Cape, 1947).

Journal: Cabaco's Song 
Subjects: Poem
References: Cabaco's Song

14. Reed, Henry. "The Case for Maigret." Reviews of Maigret Hesitates and The Man on the Bench in the Barn, by Georges Simenon. Sunday Times (London), 2 August 1970: 22.
Description: Reed reviews two translations of George Simenon's fiction.

Newspaper: Case for Maigret, The 
Subjects: Review
References: Georges Simenon, Maigret Hesitates, Lyn Moir, Man on the Bench in the Barn, The, Moura Budberg

15. Reed, Henry. "The Changeling." Listener 43, no. 1095 (19 January 1950): 115.

Journal: The Changeling 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Changeling

16. Reed, Henry. "Chard Whitlow (Mr Eliot's Sunday Evening Postscript)." New Statesman and Nation 21, no. 533 (10 May 1941): 494.
Description: Reed's famous parody of T.S. Eliot won a 1941 New Statesman and Nation contest.

Journal: Chard Whitlow 
Subjects: Poem, Parody
References: Chard Whitlow

17. Reed, Henry. "Chrysothemis." New Writing and Daylight (Winter 1942-1943): 53-56.
Description: The first appearance of Reed's long poem about the sister of Orestes and Electra includes a short biographical note.

Journal: Chrysothemis 
Subjects: Poem
References: Chrysothemis

18. Reed, Henry. "Chrysothemis." Penguin New Writing 26 (1945): 98-100.

Journal: Chrysothemis 
Subjects: Poem
References: Chrysothemis

19. Reed, Henry. "Monteverdi's Vespers." Letter to the editor. New Statesman and Nation 35, no. 883 (7 February 1948): 115.
Description: An apologetic response to a previous letter from Dr. Hans Redlich.

Journal: Correspondence 
Subjects: Review
References: Monteverdi, Hans Redlich

20. Reed, Henry. "Daly's." Review of Daly's: The Biography of a Theatre, by D. Forbes-Winslow. New Statesman and Nation 28, no. 714 (28 October 1944): 290-291.
Description: Review of D. Forbes-Winslow's history of Daly's Theatre, London (London: W.H. Allen, 1944).

Journal: Daly's 
Subjects: Review
References: D. Forbes Winslow, Daly's

21. Reed, Henry. "Deryck Guyler in 'Not a Drum Was Heard': The War Memoirs of General Gland." Radio Times, 1 May 1959, 41.
Description: Includes a short, introductory note by Reed.

Newspaper: Deryck Guyler in "Not a Drum Was Heard" 
Subjects: Play, Radio
References: Not a Drum Was Heard

22. Reed, Henry. "Did Shakespeare Go to Italy?" Radio Times, 24 October 1952, 7.
Description: Reed 'explains how he has let his imagination play round the possibilities' of Shakespeare being inspired by a visit to Italy.

Newspaper: Did Shakespeare Go to Italy? 
Subjects: Play, Radio
References: The Great Desire I Had, William Shakespeare, Vincenzo Gonzaga

23. Reed, Henry. "Discoveries About Hardy." Review of Thomas Hardy: A Bibliographical Study, by Richard L. Purdy. Listener 52, no. 1344 (2 December 1954): 975.
Description: Review of Purdy's Thomas Hardy: A Bibliographical Study (London: Oxford University Press, 1954).

Journal: Discoveries About Hardy 
Subjects: Review
References: Thomas Hardy, Richard L. Purdy, Thomas Hardy: A Bibliographical Study

24. Reed, Henry. "The Door and the Window." Listener 32, no. 825 (2 November 1944): 488.
Description: Reed's poem "The Door and the Window" appears here for the first time.

Journal: The Door and the Window 
Subjects: Poem

25. Reed, Henry. "The Door and the Window." Partisan Review 14, no. 5 (September-October 1947): 523.

Journal: The Door and the Window 
Subjects: Poem
References: Door and the Window

26. Reed, Henry. "Ego in Flight." Review of Saint-Exupéry, by Marcel Migeo. Sunday Telegraph (London), 26 March 1961, 6.
Description: Reed describes Migeo's biography of "Saint-Ex" as "authoritative" but "unorganized."

Newspaper: Ego in Flight 
Subjects: Review
References: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Marcel Migeo

27. Reed, Henry. "An Eliot Study." Review of "Four Quartets" Rehearsed: A Commentary on T.S. Eliot's Cycle of Poems, by Raymond Preston. New Statesman and Nation 31, no. 799 (15 June 1946): 434-435.
Description: Review of "Four Quartets" Rehearsed: A Commentary on T.S. Eliot's Cycle of Poems by Raymond Preston (Sheed and Ward, 1946).

Journal: An Eliot Study 
Subjects: Review
References: Raymond Preston, T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding, Four Quartets

28. Reed, Henry. "The End of an Impulse." New Writing and Daylight (Summer 1943): 111-123.
Description: Reed describes the new, lyric poetry of Auden, Spender, and Day-Lewis.

Journal: The End of an Impulse 
Subjects: Review
References: W.H. Auden, Stephen Spender, C. Day Lewis

29. Reed, Henry. "Epilogue." Time and Tide 26, no. 30 (28 July 1945): 622.
Description: This poem appears in A Map of Verona as "Envoy."

Journal: Epilogue 
Subjects: Poem

30. Reed, Henry. "Fine Tenor Bell." Review of Thomas Hardy's Notebooks, edited by Evelyn Hardy. Listener 64, no. 1396 (1 December 1955): 955.
Description: Review of Hardy's Notebooks, and Some Letters from Julia Augusta Martin, edited by Evelyn Hardy. (London: Hogarth Press, 1955).

Journal: Fine Tenor Bell 
Subjects: Review
References: Thomas Hardy, Evelyn Hardy, Thomas Hardy's Notebooks, and Some Letters from Julia Martin

31. Reed, Henry. "For Younger Readers." Review of Our Exploits at West Poley, by Thomas Hardy. Listener 48, no. 1232 (9 October 1952): 599-600.
Description: Reed believes this new edition will "scarcely" make Hardy's book a children's classic, but believes 'there is some small sort of eternal summer about it."

Journal: For Younger Readers 
Subjects: Review
References: Thomas Hardy, Our Exploits at West Poley

32. Reed, Henry. "Four People." Listener 92, no. 2386 (19/26 December 1974): 848-849.

Journal: Four People 
Subjects: Poem

33. Reed, Henry. "From the Sow's Ear." Review of A Pelican at Blandings, by P.G. Wodehouse. Sunday Times (London), 28 September 1969, 62.
Description: Reed ranks Wodehouse's novel 'very highly,' and calls it 'incomparably funny.'

Newspaper: From the Sow's Ear 
Subjects: Review
References: P.G. Wodehouse, A Pelican at Blandings, Osbert Lancaster

34. Reed, Henry. "A Good Dream." Sunday Times (London), 4 January 1970, 69.
Description: Reed's poem "A Good Dream" is published for the first time.

Newspaper: A Good Dream 
Subjects: Poem
References: A Good Dream

35. Reed, Henry. "Hardy's Secret Self-Portrait." Review of The Life of Thomas Hardy, by Florence Emily Hardy. Sunday Telegraph (London), 25 March 1962, 6.
Description: Reed says this disguised autobiography is a "ramshackle work," but is still "packed with a miscellany of information not available elsewhere, and readers who care for Hardy will find it everywhere endearing, engaging, and full of his characteristic humour."

Newspaper: Hardy's Secret Self-Portrait 
Subjects: Review
References: Thomas Hardy, The Life of Thomas Hardy, Florence Emily Hardy

36. Reed, Henry. "'Henry James, Jr....'." Review of Henry James: The Untried Years, 1843-1870, by Leon Edel. Listener 49, no. 1269 (25 June 1953): 1059-1060.
Description: Reed's review of Edel's Henry James: The Untried Years (London: Hart-Davis, 1953).

Journal: Henry James, Jr.... 
Subjects: Review
References: Henry James, Leon Edel, Henry James: The Untried Years

37. Reed, Henry. "Homage to Dame Hilda—Or Swann's Way." Radio Times, 23 October 1959, 6.
Description: Reed 'offers a few well-chosen words about "Musique Discrète.'

Newspaper: Homage to Dame Hilda 
Subjects: Play, Radio
References: Musique Discrète, Donald Swann

38. Reed, Henry. "Questionnaire: The Cost of Letters." Horizon 14, no. 81 (September 1946): 139, 140, 162-164.
Description: Reed's answer to a questionnaire about life as a writer.

Journal: Horizon 
Subjects: Biography

39. Reed, Henry. "An Hour In the Hand." Review of Happy as Larry, by Donagh MacDonagh. The Bell 13, no. 1 (October 1946): 76-78.
Description: MacDonagh's play is 'written in a manner which is to-day usually reserved for radio-features,' and 'is probably a better play for the study than for the theatre.'

Journal: An Hour In the Hand 
Subjects: Review
References: Donagh MacDonagh, Happy as Larry

40. Reed, Henry. "'If and Perhaps and But'." Listener 49, no. 1268 (18 June 1953): 1017-1018.
Description: Reed's radio essay on Eliot's critical prose, in the light of publication of the Selected Prose.

Journal: If and Perhaps and But 
Subjects: Review
References: T.S. Eliot, John Hayward, Selected Prose

41. Reed, Henry. "'If and Perhaps and But'." Letter to the editor. Listener 50, no. 1272 (16 July 1953): 105.
Description: Response to Jones' letter to the editor of July 2nd, regarding Reed's radio talk on Eliot.

Journal: If and Perhaps and But 
Subjects: Review
References: T.S. Eliot, David Jones

42. Reed, Henry. "Il Migglior Fabbro." Review of Four Quartets, by T.S. Eliot. Time and Tide (9 December 1944): 1088.
Description: Reed was identified as the author of this unsigned review in the January 13, 1945 Notes and Queries.

Journal: Il Miglior Fabbro 
Subjects: Review
References: T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

43. Reed, Henry. "Imitation." Listener 43, no. 1116 (15 June 1950): 1016.
Description: Reed imitates both Arnauld and Leopardi.

Journal: Imitation 
Subjects: Poem
References: Imitation, Giacomo Leopardi, Antoine Arnauld

44. Reed, Henry. "The Interval." Listener 82, no. 2122 (27 November 1969): 763.

Journal: The Interval 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Interval

45. Reed, Henry. "Iseult Blaunchesmains." Listener 30, no. 781 (30 December 1943): 756.
Description: Reed's poem "Iseult Blaunchesmains," part of his "Tingagel" series, is published here for the first time.

Journal: Iseult Blaunchesmains 
Subjects: Poem
References: Iseult Blaunchesmains

46. Reed, Henry. "Iseult La Belle." Penguin New Writing 23 (1945): 104-105.

Journal: Iseult La Belle 
Subjects: Poem

47. Reed, Henry. "Italics Mine." Review of T.S. Eliot: A Study of His Writings by Several Hands, and Fabulous Voyager: James Joyce's Ulysses. New Statesman and Nation 35, no. 891 (3 April 1948): 278.
Description: Reviews of two critical studies: T.S. Eliot: A Study of His Writings by Several Hands (Balachandra Rajan, ed. London: Dobson, 1947), and Fabulous Voyager: James Joyce's Ulysses (Richard M. Kain. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1947).

Journal: Italics Mine 
Subjects: Review
References: T.S. Eliot, James Joyce, Ulysses, Balachandra Rajan, Richard M. Kain

48. Reed, Henry. "James Joyce: The Triple Exile." Listener 43, no. 1102 (9 March 1950): 437-439.
Description: Reed radio talk on the nature of Joyce's art, and his effect on the English novel.

Journal: James Joyce: The Triple Exile 
Subjects: Review, Radio
References: James Joyce, Ulysses, Finnegan's Wake

49. Reed, Henry. "Joyce's Progress." Orion 4 (Autumn 1947): 131-146.
Description: Written as an lecture to the Oxford University English Club in 1946, Reed posits Joyce as "progressing" away from three things: his family, Dublin, and the Catholic Church.

Journal: Joyce's Progress 
Subjects: Review
References: James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as Young Man, Dubliners, Ulysses, Finnegans Wake, G.D. Painter, Rosamond Lehmann, Denys Kilham Roberts, C. Day Lewis

50. Reed, Henry. "Judging Distances." New Statesman and Nation 25, no. 628 (6 March 1943): 155.
Description: The first appearance in print of the second of Reed's "Lessons of the War."

Journal: Judging Distances 
Subjects: Poem
References: Judging Distances

51. Reed, Henry. "Judging Distances: A Poem from the Forces." New Statesman & Society 6, no. 247 (9 April 1993): 26.
Description: Reprints "Judging Distances" for a 50th anniversary of World War II.

Journal: Judging Distances 
Subjects: Poem
References: Judging Distances, Alun Lewis, Troopship in the Tropics

52. Reed, Henry. "King Mark." Orion 1 (1945): 103-104.
Description: Part III of Reed's Tintagel sequence, this poem was inspired by Gottfried von Strassburg's epic, Tristan.

Journal: King Mark 
Subjects: Poem
References: King Mark

53. Reed, Henry. "L'Envoi." London Review of Books, 12 September 1991, 18.
Description: Poem published as part of Jon Stallworthy's "A Life of Henry Reed."

Journal: L'Envoi 
Subjects: Poem
References: L'Envoi

54. Reed, Henry. "Leading a Dance." Review of Fokine: Memoirs of a Ballet Master, translated by Vitale Fokine. Sunday Telegraph (London), 26 November 1961, 6.
Description: Reed finds Fokine's memoirs "very absorbing and intelligent."

Newspaper: Leading a Dance 
Subjects: Review
References: Michel Fokine, Fokine: Memoirs of a Ballet Master, Vitale Fokine, Anatole Chujoy

55. Reed, Henry. Letter to the editor. Listener 33, no. 840 (15 February 1945): 185.
Description: Part of a lengthy exchange of letters over Reed's pair of "Poetry in War Time" articles, published in the Listener in January, 1945.

Journal: Letter to the editor 
Subjects: Review
References: Poetry in War Time, George Richards, Geoffrey Grigson

56. Reed, Henry. Letter to the editor. Listener 33, no. 843 (8 March 1945): 271.
Description: Part of a lengthy exchange of letters over Reed's pair of "Poetry in War Time" articles, published in the Listener in January, 1945.

Journal: Letter to the editor 
Subjects: Criticism
References: Poetry in War Time, N.C. Hunter, George Richards

57. Reed, Henry. Letter to the editor. Listener 33, no. 845 (22 March 1945): 324.
Description: Part of a lengthy exchange of letters over Reed's pair of "Poetry in War Time" articles, published in the Listener in January, 1945.

Journal: Letter to the editor 
Subjects: Criticism
References: George Richards, William Bliss, Poetry in War Time

58. Reed, Henry. "Lorca Again." Review of García Lorca, by Edwin Honig. New English Review 11, no. 8 (December 1945): 759-760.
Description: A decidedly negative review: 'His study of Lorca is very badly written....'

Journal: Lorca, Again 
Subjects: Review
References: García Lorca, Edwin Honig

59. Reed, Henry. "Maigret's Master." Reviews of Maigret in Court, and The Premier, by Georges Simenon. Sunday Telegraph (London), 14 May 1961, 7.
Description: Reed finds the translation of Simenon's The Premiere "fortunate," but not so for Maigret in Court, which is "crude" at best.

Newspaper: Maigret's Master 
Subjects: Review
References: George Simenon, Maigret in Court, Robert Brain, The Premier, Daphne Woodward

60. Reed, Henry. "The Making of 'The Dynasts'." Penguin New Writing 18 (1943): 136-147.
Description: Reed's reflections on the creation of Hardy's epic poem, The Dynasts.

Journal: The Making of The Dynasts 
Subjects: Review
References: The Dynasts, Thomas Hardy

61. Reed, Henry. "A Map of Verona." Listener 27, no. 687 (12 March 1942): 343.

Journal: A Map of Verona 
Subjects: Poem
References: A Map of Verona

62. Reed, Henry. "A Map of Verona." Listener 51, no. 1298 (14 January 1954): 103, 105.
Description: Reed's "A Map of Verona" was chosen by J.R. Ackerley to be reprinted for The Listener's 25th anniversary issue.

Journal: A Map of Verona 
Subjects: Poem
References: A Map of Verona

63. Reed, Henry. "Mary O'Farrell and Hugh Burden in 'The Private Life of Hilda Tablet': A Parenthesis for Radio." Radio Times, 21 May 1954, 19.
Description: Reed contributes a brief introduction.

Newspaper: Mary O'Farrell and Hugh Burden in The Private Life of Hilda Tabler 
Subjects: Play, Radio
References: The Private Life of Hilda Tablet

64. Reed, Henry. "Max Gate: Memories of Hardy's Home." Birmingham Post, 15 June 1938.

Newspaper: Max Gate: Memories of Hardy's Home 
Subjects: Biography
References: Thomas Hardy

65. Reed, Henry. "Morning." Listener 32, no. 811 (27 July 1944): 96.
Description: First publication of Reed's poem, "Morning."

Journal: Morning 
Subjects: Poem
References: Morning

66. Reed, Henry. "Movement of Bodies." Listener 43, no. 1106 (6 April 1950): 609.

Journal: Movement of Bodies 
Subjects: Poem
References: Movement of Bodies

67. Reed, Henry. "Mr. Eliot's Classic." New Statesman and Nation 30, no. 756 (18 August 1945): 113.
Description: Reed's review of T.S. Eliot's What is a Classic? An Address Delivered Before the Virgil Society on the 16th of October, 1944. (London: Faber & Faber, 1945.)

Journal: Mr. Eliot's Classic 
Subjects: Review
References: What is a Classic?, T.S. Eliot

68. Reed, Henry. "Mum's the Word." Reviews of Hamlet and Œdipus by Ernest Jones, and Character and Motive in Shakespeare by J.I.M. Stewart. Listener 41, no. 1066 (30 June 1949): 1129.

Journal: Mum's the Word 
Subjects: Review
References: Ernest Jones, Hamlet and Oedipus, J.I.M. Stewart, Character and Motive in Shakespeare

69. Reed, Henry. "Naming of Parts." New Statesman and Nation 24, no. 598 (8 August 1942): 92.
Description: Reed's best-known poem appeared in 1942 with the subtitle "A Poem from the Forces."

Journal: Naming of Parts 
Subjects: Poem
References: Naming of Parts

70. Reed, Henry. "Naming of Parts: A Poem from the Forces." New Statesman and Society 4, no. 162 (2 August 1991): 27.
Description: The New Statesman reprinted Reed's most famous poem for a World War II retrospective.

Journal: Naming of Parts: A Poem from the Forces 
Subjects: Poem
References: Naming of Parts

71. Reed, Henry. "New Fiction." Reviews of The Demon Lover by Elizabeth Bowen, To the Boating by Inez Holden, and First Impressions by Isobel Strachey. New Statesman and Nation 30, no. 767 (3 November 1945): 302.
Description: Reed's reviews of Bowen's short story collection, The Demon Lover, and Other Stories (London: Jonathan Cape, 1945), others.

Journal: New Fiction 
Subjects: Review
References: Elizabeth Bowen, The Demon Lover, Inez Holden, To the Boating, Isabel Strachey, First Impressions

72. Reed, Henry. "New Novels." Reviews of The Friendly Young Ladies, The Power House, Wild River, and So Immortal a Flower. New Statesman and Nation 28, no. 712 (14 October 1944): 256-257.
Description: Of Mary Renault's The Friendly Young Ladies (Longmans, Green, 1944), Reed wonders 'precisely how friendly the young ladies have been to each other.'

Journal: New Novels 
Subjects: Review
References: Mary Renault, The Friendly Young Ladies, The Middle Mist, Alex Comfort, The Power House, Anna Louise Strong, Wild River, Cecil Roberts, So Immortal a Flower

73. Reed, Henry. "New Novels." Reviews of A Walk in the Sun, Fair Stood the Wind for France, and Men Die Alone. New Statesman and Nation 28, no. 719 (2 December 1944): 374.
Description: Reed reviews current fiction.

Journal: New Novels 
Subjects: Review
References: Harry Brown, A Walk in the Sun, H.E. Bates, Fair Stood the Wind for France, Michael Leigh, Men Die Alone

74. Reed, Henry. "New Novels." Reviews of Then a Soldier by Geoffrey Cotterell, The North Wind of Love by Compton Mackenzie, and Avalanche by Kay Boyle. New Statesman and Nation 29, no. 730 (17 February 1945): 112.
Description: Reed reviews the novels Then a Soldier, The North Wind of Love, and Avalanche.

Journal: New Novels 
Subjects: Review
References: Geoffrey Cotterell, Then a Soldier, Compton Mackenzie, The North Wind of Love, Kay Boyle, Avalanche

75. Reed, Henry. "New Novels." Reviews of Loving by Henry Green, The Light in the Dust by Willy Goldman, and The Royal Game by Stefan Zweig. New Statesman and Nation 29, no. 741 (5 May 1945): 292.
Description: Reed reviews new fiction by Henry Green, Willy Goldman, and Stefan Zweig.

Journal: New Novels 
Subjects: Review
References: Henry Green, Loving, Willy Goldman, The Light in the Dust, Stefan Zweig, The Royal Game

76. Reed, Henry. "New Novels." Reviews of Odd Man Out, Seven Times the Leading Man, A Fugue in Time, and An Ape, a Dog, and a Serpent. New Statesman and Nation 29, no 747 (16 June 1945): 392-393.
Description: Reed reviews new fiction by F.L. Green, Egon Hostovsky, Rumer Godden, and Gerald Kersh.

Journal: New Novels 
Subjects: Review
References: F.L. Green, Odd Man Out, Egon Hostovsky, Seven Times the Leading Man, Rumer Godden, A Fugue in Time, Gerald Kersh, An Ape, A Dog, and a Serpent

77. Reed, Henry. "New Novels." Reviews of Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh, Household in Athens by Glenway Wescott, and I Will Be Good by Hester W. Chapman. New Statesman and Nation 29, no. 748 (23 June 1945): 408-409.
Description: Includes Reed's review of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited (London: Chapman and Hall, 1945), among others.

Journal: New Novels 
Subjects: Review
References: Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited, Glenway Wescott, Household in Athens, Hester W. Chapman, I Will Be Good

78. Reed, Henry. "New Novels." Reviews of In This Thy Day, The Elderbrook Brothers, Goon in the Block, and Valley of the Sky. New Statesman and Nation 30, no. 761 (22 September 1945): 200-201.
Description: Reed reviews new fiction by Michael McLaverty, Gerald Bullett, Eric Williams, and Hobert Douglas Skidmore.

Journal: New Novels 
Subjects: Review
References: Michael McLaverty, In This Thy Day, Gerald Bullett, The Elderbrook Brothers, Eric Williams, Goon in the Block, Hobert Douglas Skidmore, Valley of the Sky

79. Reed, Henry. "New Novels." Reviews of Final Score, Mine Own Executioner, The English Teacher, and At Mrs. Lippincote's. New Statesman and Nation 30, no. 764 (13 October 1945): 249-250.
Description: Reviews of new fiction includes Balchin's Mine Own Executioner (London: Collins, 1945), and R.K. Narayan's The English Teacher (London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1945).

Journal: New Novels 
Subjects: Review
References: Warren Beck, Final Score, Nigel Balchin, Mine Own Executioner, R.K. Narayan, The English Teacher, Elizabeth Taylor, At Mrs. Lippincote's

80. Reed, Henry. "New Novels." Reviews of The House in Clewe Street by Mary Lavin, Dead Ground by Howard Clewes, and The White Rock by Denys Val Baker. New Statesman and Nation 30, no. 773 (15 December 1945): 412-413.
Description: Reed reviews new fiction by Mary Lavin, Howard Clewes, and Denys Val Baker.

Journal: New Novels 
Subjects: Review
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Description: Reed calls Pedigree a work for the "very serious Simenon student only," and disagrees with the translator's choice to put the novel into the past tense.

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Description: Reed calls Robert Craft an "adroit questioner," who provokes answers from Stravinsky which are "voluminous, entertaining and full of insight."

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Description: This poem was later renamed "Tristram" for A Map of Verona.

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Description: The first of two radio talks by Reed on the problems presented by dramatic writing.

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Description: The second of Reed's radio talks on the problems of dramatic writing.

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Description: The note accompanying this poem in the Listener reads: 'A tribute to Henry Reed on his 60th birthday will be broadcast on Radio 3 tomorrow night.'

Journal: The Town Itself (A Poem) 
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Description: "The River" and "Three Words" appeared here as "Two Poems."

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References: The River, Three Words

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Description: Dr. Cooke has 'excellent judgment,' and his literary style is 'flawless and confident.'

Newspaper: Two Years Before the Muse 
Subjects: Review
References: Edward Thomas, William Cooke

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Description: The fourth part of Reed's Lessons of the War series was published in 1945 with the subtitle "A Poem from the Forces" and epigraph "... Et militavi none sine gloria."

Journal: Unarmed Combat 
Subjects: Poem
References: Unarmed Combat

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Description: Reed's review of Some Recollections by Emma Hardy (Thomas Hardy's first wife), edited by Evelyn Hardy and Robert Gittings. (London: Oxford University Press, 1961).

Journal: Veteris Vestigia Flammae 
Subjects: Review
References: Thomas Hardy

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Description: Reed's review of For the Time Being, Auden's first book of poems from America (1945).

Journal: W.H. Auden in America 
Subjects: Review
References: W.H. Auden, The Sea and the Mirror, For the Time Being

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Description: A short, biographical note on Reed is included in "About the New Contributors" for this first publication of his poem, "The Wall."

Journal: The Wall 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Wall

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Description: Reed calls this book "much more than a retrospective" of unseen works by a master: this collection is "infinitely more touching, and possibly more absorbing."

Newspaper: What the Master Kept Back 
Subjects: Review
References: Picasso's Picassos, Pablo Picasso, David Douglas Duncan

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Description: Reed's radio manifesto, which contains 'that blunt, crude acknowledgment of the fact that some listeners are fools, and some are not, and that we cannot wait for the fools to catch up with their betters.'

Journal: What the Wireless Can Do for Literature 
Subjects: Review, Play, Radio
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Description: Review of C. Day Lewis's book, Poetry for You: A Book for Boys and Girls on the Enjoyment of Poetry (Oxford, B. Blackwell 1944).

Journal: Without Tears 
Subjects: Review
References: C. Day Lewis, Poetry for You



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