Critical and biographical information on Henry Reed, World War II British poet, critic, translator, and radio dramatist — author of "Naming of Parts"
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Bibliography for Henry Reed's poems in periodicals (sorted by Title, Date).

1. Reed, Henry. "Antigone." Penguin New Writing 30 (1947): 97-99.

Journal: Antigone 
Subjects: Poem
References: Antigone

2. Reed, Henry. "Ars Poetica." Botteghe Oscure 2 (1948): 262-264.
Description: This poem, a long meditation on regret, appears in Reed's Collected Poems as "De Arte Poetica."

Journal: Ars Poetica 
Subjects: Poem, Translation
References: De Arte Poetica

3. Reed, Henry. "The Auction Sale." Encounter 11, no. 4 (October 1958): 49-55.
Description: Restrained drama unfurls in this long, 300-line, Hardyesque poem about a country auction and the battle for a special painting. Originally published in Stephen Spender's Encounter, October 1958.

Journal: The Auction Sale 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Auction Sale

4. Reed, Henry. "The Auction Sale." Lot One (July 1983).

Journal: The Auction Sale 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Auction Sale

5. Reed, Henry. "The Blissful Land." Listener 91, no. 2351 (18 April 1974): 496.

Journal: The Blissful Land 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Blissful Land

6. Reed, Henry. "Bocca di Magra." Listener 93, no. 2403 (24 April 1975): 546.

Journal: Bocca di Magra 
Subjects: Poem
References: Bocca di Magra

7. Reed, Henry. "Cabaco's Song." Music & Letters 34, no. 4 (October 1953): 314.
Description: Originally part of Reed's Moby Dick: A Play for Radio from Herman Melville's Novel (Jonathan Cape, 1947).

Journal: Cabaco's Song 
Subjects: Poem
References: Cabaco's Song

8. Reed, Henry. "The Changeling." Listener 43, no. 1095 (19 January 1950): 115.

Journal: The Changeling 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Changeling

9. Reed, Henry. "Chard Whitlow (Mr Eliot's Sunday Evening Postscript)." New Statesman and Nation 21, no. 533 (10 May 1941): 494.
Description: Reed's famous parody of T.S. Eliot won a 1941 New Statesman and Nation contest.

Journal: Chard Whitlow 
Subjects: Poem, Parody
References: Chard Whitlow

10. Reed, Henry. "Chrysothemis." New Writing and Daylight (Winter 1942-1943): 53-56.
Description: The first appearance of Reed's long poem about the sister of Orestes and Electra includes a short biographical note.

Journal: Chrysothemis 
Subjects: Poem
References: Chrysothemis

11. Reed, Henry. "Chrysothemis." Penguin New Writing 26 (1945): 98-100.

Journal: Chrysothemis 
Subjects: Poem
References: Chrysothemis

12. Reed, Henry. "The Door and the Window." Listener 32, no. 825 (2 November 1944): 488.
Description: Reed's poem "The Door and the Window" appears here for the first time.

Journal: The Door and the Window 
Subjects: Poem

13. Reed, Henry. "The Door and the Window." Partisan Review 14, no. 5 (September-October 1947): 523.

Journal: The Door and the Window 
Subjects: Poem
References: Door and the Window

14. Reed, Henry. "Epilogue." Time and Tide 26, no. 30 (28 July 1945): 622.
Description: This poem appears in A Map of Verona as "Envoy."

Journal: Epilogue 
Subjects: Poem

15. Reed, Henry. "Four People." Listener 92, no. 2386 (19/26 December 1974): 848-849.

Journal: Four People 
Subjects: Poem

16. Reed, Henry. "A Good Dream." Sunday Times (London), 4 January 1970, 69.
Description: Reed's poem "A Good Dream" is published for the first time.

Newspaper: A Good Dream 
Subjects: Poem
References: A Good Dream

17. Reed, Henry. "Imitation." Listener 43, no. 1116 (15 June 1950): 1016.
Description: Reed imitates both Arnauld and Leopardi.

Journal: Imitation 
Subjects: Poem
References: Imitation, Giacomo Leopardi, Antoine Arnauld

18. Reed, Henry. "The Interval." Listener 82, no. 2122 (27 November 1969): 763.

Journal: The Interval 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Interval

19. Reed, Henry. "Iseult Blaunchesmains." Listener 30, no. 781 (30 December 1943): 756.
Description: Reed's poem "Iseult Blaunchesmains," part of his "Tingagel" series, is published here for the first time.

Journal: Iseult Blaunchesmains 
Subjects: Poem
References: Iseult Blaunchesmains

20. Reed, Henry. "Iseult La Belle." Penguin New Writing 23 (1945): 104-105.

Journal: Iseult La Belle 
Subjects: Poem

21. Reed, Henry. "Judging Distances." New Statesman and Nation 25, no. 628 (6 March 1943): 155.
Description: The first appearance in print of the second of Reed's "Lessons of the War."

Journal: Judging Distances 
Subjects: Poem
References: Judging Distances

22. Reed, Henry. "Judging Distances: A Poem from the Forces." New Statesman & Society 6, no. 247 (9 April 1993): 26.
Description: Reprints "Judging Distances" for a 50th anniversary of World War II.

Journal: Judging Distances 
Subjects: Poem
References: Judging Distances, Alun Lewis, Troopship in the Tropics

23. Reed, Henry. "King Mark." Orion 1 (1945): 103-104.
Description: Part III of Reed's Tintagel sequence, this poem was inspired by Gottfried von Strassburg's epic, Tristan.

Journal: King Mark 
Subjects: Poem
References: King Mark

24. Reed, Henry. "L'Envoi." London Review of Books, 12 September 1991, 18.
Description: Poem published as part of Jon Stallworthy's "A Life of Henry Reed."

Journal: L'Envoi 
Subjects: Poem
References: L'Envoi

25. Reed, Henry. "A Map of Verona." Listener 27, no. 687 (12 March 1942): 343.

Journal: A Map of Verona 
Subjects: Poem
References: A Map of Verona

26. Reed, Henry. "A Map of Verona." Listener 51, no. 1298 (14 January 1954): 103, 105.
Description: Reed's "A Map of Verona" was chosen by J.R. Ackerley to be reprinted for The Listener's 25th anniversary issue.

Journal: A Map of Verona 
Subjects: Poem
References: A Map of Verona

27. Reed, Henry. "Morning." Listener 32, no. 811 (27 July 1944): 96.
Description: First publication of Reed's poem, "Morning."

Journal: Morning 
Subjects: Poem
References: Morning

28. Reed, Henry. "Movement of Bodies." Listener 43, no. 1106 (6 April 1950): 609.

Journal: Movement of Bodies 
Subjects: Poem
References: Movement of Bodies

29. Reed, Henry. "Naming of Parts." New Statesman and Nation 24, no. 598 (8 August 1942): 92.
Description: Reed's best-known poem appeared in 1942 with the subtitle "A Poem from the Forces."

Journal: Naming of Parts 
Subjects: Poem
References: Naming of Parts

30. Reed, Henry. "Naming of Parts: A Poem from the Forces." New Statesman and Society 4, no. 162 (2 August 1991): 27.
Description: The New Statesman reprinted Reed's most famous poem for a World War II retrospective.

Journal: Naming of Parts: A Poem from the Forces 
Subjects: Poem
References: Naming of Parts

31. Reed, Henry. "Philoctetes." New Writing and Daylight (Autumn 1944): 136-139.

Journal: Philoctetes 
Subjects: Poem
References: Philoctetes

32. Reed, Henry. "The Place and the Person." New Writing and Daylight (September 1945). 161-165.

Journal: The Place and the Person 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Place and the Person

33. Reed, Henry. "Poem." Listener 18, no. 468 (29 December 1937): 1416.
Description: Reed's first published poem, "The Captain," as it originally appeared in The Listener.

Journal: Poem 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Captain

34. Reed, Henry. "Poem." Listener 22, no. 556 (7 September 1939): 486.
Description: Originally published in The Listener, this poem appears in A Map of Verona as "Outside and In."

Journal: Poem 
Subjects: Poem
References: Outside and In

35. Reed, Henry. "Poem." Listener 23, no. 587 (11 April 1940): 750.
Description: Reed's poem, "Hiding Beneath the Furze," as it first appeared in The Listener.

Journal: Poem 
Subjects: Poem
References: Hiding Beneath the Furze

36. Reed, Henry. "Psychological Warfare." London Review of Books 13, no. 6 (21 March 1991): 14-15.
Description: Although it was not published during his lifetime, this long addition to Lessons of the War appeared as a preview to the publication of the Collected Poems.

Journal: Psychological Warfare 
Subjects: Poem
References: Psychological Warfare

37. Reed, Henry. "The Return." Listener 32, no. 833 (28 December 1944): 710.
Description: Upon hearing this poem read on the BBC Christmas Eve, 1944, E.M. Forster immediately wrote a letter to Reed.

Journal: The Return 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Return, C. Day Lewis, Laurie Lee

38. Reed, Henry. "Returning of Issue." Listener 84, no. 2170 (29 October 1970): 596-597.
Description: This Listener issue contains not only a poem by Reed, but also an advertisement for the 1970 Chilmark Press edition of Lessons of the War (page 600).

Journal: Returning of Issue 
Subjects: Poem
References: Returning of Issue

39. Reed, Henry. "The River." Listener 83, no. 2139 (26 March 1970): 418.

Journal: The River 
Subjects: Poem
References: The River

40. Reed, Henry. "Sailor's Harbour." New Statesman and Nation 15, no. 366 (26 February 1938): 326.
Description: First publication of Reed's poem, "Sailor's Harbour."

Journal: Sailor's Harbour 
Subjects: Poem
References: Sailor's Harbour

41. Reed, Henry. "Sonnet." Listener 36, no. 927 (17 October 1946): 498.
Description: This poem appears Reed's collection, A Map of Verona, as "The Forest."

Journal: Sonnet 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Forest

42. Reed, Henry. "South." Listener 19, no. 438 (13 April 1938): 806.

Journal: South 
Subjects: Poem
References: South

43. Reed, Henry. "Three Words." Listener 83, no. 2139 (26 March 1970): 418.

Journal: Three Words 
Subjects: Poem
References: Three Words

44. Reed, Henry. "Tintagel." Listener 28, no. 720 (29 October 1942): 564.
Description: This poem was later renamed "Tristram" for A Map of Verona.

Journal: Tintagel 
Subjects: Poem
References: Tintagel

45. Reed, Henry. "The Town Itself (A Poem)." Listener 91, no. 2343 (21 February 1974): 237.
Description: The note accompanying this poem in the Listener reads: 'A tribute to Henry Reed on his 60th birthday will be broadcast on Radio 3 tomorrow night.'

Journal: The Town Itself (A Poem) 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Town Itself

46. Reed, Henry. "Two Poems." Listener 83, no. 2139 (26 March 1970): 418.
Description: "The River" and "Three Words" appeared here as "Two Poems."

Journal: Two Poems 
Subjects: Poem
References: The River, Three Words

47. Reed, Henry. "Unarmed Combat." New Statesman and Nation 29, no. 740 (28 April 1945): 271.
Description: The fourth part of Reed's Lessons of the War series was published in 1945 with the subtitle "A Poem from the Forces" and epigraph "... Et militavi none sine gloria."

Journal: Unarmed Combat 
Subjects: Poem
References: Unarmed Combat

48. Reed, Henry. "The Wall." Penguin New Writing 17 (1943): 85-86.
Description: A short, biographical note on Reed is included in "About the New Contributors" for this first publication of his poem, "The Wall."

Journal: The Wall 
Subjects: Poem
References: The Wall



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