Critical and biographical information on Henry Reed, World War II British poet, critic, translator, and radio dramatist — author of "Naming of Parts"
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If this seems a poor response to your charming note, you will blame the Army, where so much of my time is taken up with marching, drilling, bayonet-fighting, the Bren gun, heavy-charing and learning to be a clerk. If you write again, as I hope you will, perhaps you wouldn't mind addressing the letter in a plain envelope. I don't want anybody to notice me more than they must.
Henry Reed, letter to John Lehmann
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The Poetry of Henry Reed website is intended as an educational resource for the understanding and interpretation of the work of the poet, translator, and radio dramatist Henry Reed. Collected here are just some of Mr. Reed's works, including the renowned "Naming of Parts" and other Lessons of the War, along with criticism and interpretation for the poems, biographies, and critics' thoughts on Reed's place in the canon of English literature.

While I have attempted to reproduce the information as plainly and accurately as possible, tyops typos happen, my memory's not what it used to be, many items were scanned from bad photocopies or terrible prints of fiche and microfilm, and my memory's not what it used to be. You may also be interested in my Henry Reed research weblog, Reeding Lessons.

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